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Listed below are just some of the property services we provide but we would be delighted to offer any additional property service you may require.


Our services can be contracted individually or as part of a package. It is most important that any service is tailored to your specific requirements.


  • · We run a day-to-day administration of your property

  • · Inspection: The most important part of any property management package is that we go and check your property every 10 working days, which means that your property is not unattended for longer than 2 weeks. This means any problems will be quickly spotted and therefor can be addressed before damage is done, meaning there are no unpleasant surprises when you are not in residence.

  • · Paying utility bills: Gas, Water electricity, telephone, property tax (rates)

  • · Organizing and payment of maid & laundry service

  • · Organizing and payment of Pool cleaning

  • · Organizing and payment of Gardening services

    • · Villa ready for your arrival

    • · Organizing and supplying of food parcel

    • · Meet and Greet services

    • · Arrangement of airport transfer

    • · Organizing and payment of fuel delivery (gas, oil, logs)

    • · Provision of local visitor information pack

    • · 24 hour emergency call out number

    • · Finding you a lawyer and / or doctor

    • · Helping you arrange a mortgage

    • · Arranging the utilities

    • · Home insurance

    • · Decorating

    • · Checking and forwarding of mail

    • · Obtaining quotes for any supervisions and buildingworks required



*If the service you are looking for is not listed on this site please contact Pena Property



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